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Baby Bash Rocking G ICON

Updated: Sep 19

Music artists are inspiring others to succeed through their music and messages.

Long Way Video Shoot this last month was amazing. The crew was on point and it was done in a single day. Music Artist (#babybash) with hit songs like Suga Suga back in 2009 and Cyclone and many more. G ICON is now featured in Long Way video with Glasses Malone and Baby Bash.

Ronnie Rey AKA: Baby Bash is wearing a G MONEY beanie in the video. G Money Clothing is officially trending with many celebrities and communities across the globe and USA.

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G Money Featured In 360 Magazine

G Money was recently featured in 360 magazine and other fashion publications. GMONEY is a provider of streetwear apparel. In style (#gmoney #gmoneybrand # #gmoneyclothing #gmoneyapparel #gmoneystore #streetwear #streetfashion) and in fashion G MONEY is here to stay. Check us out online. Snag up a Shirt and Cap. Long Way video is set to launch in the next few months. Keep an eye out and snag up an official G Money Nation Bennie.

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